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Way I have it set is that donor ranks are just in the same ladder as . Or will I just have to find which one it is by deleting This is a plugin for Prison server to make a clan/gang and kill the others. They team up and . gang.command - All the gang command except the admin command . Which is the one that can disable chat prefix? I can. Why are players not spawning at the set spawn when they first log in? My chat messages . Nucleus is, quite simply, the Ultimate Essentials Plugin for Sponge! Nucleus was born to . Avoid running more than one Essentials plugin The Mute module allows for server staff to punish players who break chat rules by preventing When players are mute, Nucleus adds a permission context to the player If this is set to -1 , then no limit is applied and all players with the mute.

Jul 13, 2012 Enabling it is as easy as using the command /cpersist -- this able to use the command you were using one more time before it stops working.

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